Prebook Date:09/02/2014
 Street Date09/30/2014
 Run Time:94 Min.
 CatalogMTI 2199
 Rating:Not Rated
 GenreAction Adventure
9th Floor - Quest for the Ancient Relic
An 'urban explorer' is blackmailed into infiltrating a derelict building on the eve of its demolition in the hope he can recover a forgotten treasure.
DVD:MTI 2199 DVDUPC # 039414521993


Jonny Cruz
Gone Missing, The Beacon

Nathalie Kelley
“Body of Proof,” Take Me Home Tonight

Hallee Hirsh
Speak, “Flight 29 Down”

Gregory Jbara
"Blue Blood," In & Out

Rocco Nugent
The Impaler, Prom

with Robert Picardo
Star Trek: First Contact, “Star Trek: Voyager”

and Steve Railsback
Ed Gein, The Stunt Man

SPECIAL DVD FEATURES: Closed Captioned, Subtitles for the Deaf-and-Hard-of-Hearing, Behind the Scenes, 16:9 Widescreen Format, 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound and Trailers