Prebook Date:11/13/2012
 Street Date12/11/2012
 Run Time:95 Minutes
 CatalogMTI 2170
 Rating:Not Rated
 GenreRomance Comedy
Back-up Bride, The
On Christmas weekend, in a quaint Texas hotel, Joe Bingham runs into the love of his life, Amy Walker (the one that got away), who's visiting home for the holiday. The kick is it's on the eve of Joe's white-winter wedding nuptials to Daisy Spur, the "girl next door" who he's settling for. Now, Joe has one night to find out if there's a chance he can get back together with Amy before he marries Daisy with no regrets.
DVD:DVD MTI 2170UPC # 039414521702


Daniel Bonjour
Midnight Movie, Dragonquest

Leena Huff
"Cougar Town," "Life"

Jesse Johnson
Circle of Eight, Redline

Jen Lilley
"General Hospital," "Disaster Date"

Richard Karn
"Home Improvement," "Family Feud"

Richard Riehle
Bridesmaids, Office Space

Mo Gaffney
Drop Dead Gorgeous, Happy, Texas

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