Prebook Date:07/24/2018
 Street Date08/21/2018
 Run Time:90 Min.
 CatalogMTI 2255
 Rating:Not Rated
 GenrePsychological Horror Thriller
Fogg - Diary of a Sociopath
Matthew Fogg is brilliant—but he is also a highly rehearsed sociopath who will do anything to satisfy his need to feel something, anything, even if it's through the pain of his victims. In his world, there is only what he wants—no one else matters. Dr. Maggie O’Shea is an ambitious neuroscientist developing a cure for sociopathic behavior—a cure designed to give sociopaths emotions, feelings, and most importantly, empathy. Fogg becomes obsessed with Maggie and volunteers to be part of her research project. When she uncovers Fogg’s darkest secret, she risks becoming his next victim. She has to cross the line to bring him to justice.
DVD:MTI 2255 DVDUPC # 039414522556


Ryan Wotherspoon
(Bloodhound Law)

Hayden Wyatt
(This Day Forward)

Jeremy Childs

Sarah Shoemaker

Jessejames Locorriere

SPECIAL DVD FEATURES: Closed Captioned, Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, 16:9 Widescreen Format, 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound, Trailers